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Transfer of Technology
With a view to strengthen transfer of technology, a programme on front line demonstration on Pulses was launched by Technology Mission on Oilseed and Pulses during 1990-91. The scheme has later been transformed into a mission mode programme 'Integrated scheme on oilseeds, pulses, oil palm & maize' (IS0POM) with following objectives.
  • Demonstrate newly released crop varieties, production and protection technologies and their management practices at farmers’ field under farming situation.
  • To study the factors contributing higher crop production.
  • Generate production data and feedback information.
Front line demonstration (FLD's) is different than other demonstrations as they are conducted under direct supervision of scientists and also provide feed back for refinement of technology as per need of the farmers. Some of the special features are as follows:
  • Conducted under the close supervision of scientists.
  • Only newly released varieties/technologies are selected for demonstrations.
  • Organizing centre provide critical inputs and technical guidance.
  • Training of the associated farmers is a prerequisite for conducting FLD.
  • The target group of FLD's is farmers and extension workers.
  • Used as a source of generating data on factors contributing higher crop yields and constraints under different farming situations.
  • Field days are organized during cropping season to provide a platform for interaction.

With respect to Chickpea crop, the front line demonstrations were conducted on different components:

  • Production potential of high yielding genotypes
  • Micronutrient management in pulses (Sulphur application @ 20 kg/ha; Zinc application @25 kg ZnSO4/ha; Molybdenum application)
  • Insect pest management
  • Package technology
  • Weed control

A total number of 2081 front line demonstrations were conducted during 2011-2015 in different zones. Nine hundred seventy one demonstrations were conducted on high yielding varieties. The overall mean grain yield of high yielding varieties was 1430 kg/ha which is 17.73% higher than the yield of old/traditional varieties.

The mean yield of demonstration on micronutrient application (Zn, S, Mo) in pulses was 13.56% higher than farmers practise. One hundred and seventy three demonstrations on insect-pest management gave 15.26% high yield. Eight hundred and fifty demonstrations conducted with improve package of technology gave 1543 kg/ha of mean yield which was 27.85% higher than farmers practise.

Summary of Front Line Demonstrations conducted on different aspects during 2011-2015

S.  No. Components

Average yield 

No. of FLD’s

Improved Practice

Farmer’s Practice



High yielding varieties






Package technology






Insect pest management






Micronutrient application (S, Zn, Mo)







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Annual Group Meet of All India Coordinated Research Project on Chickpea

  • Date : 29-31 August 2016
  • Venue : ARS, Kalaburagi (Gulbarga)
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